• Alyza IQ - Orthophosphate Analyzer

    Maximize your data, minimize your
    maintenance and reagent consumption

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  • OxiTop®-i BOD Measurement

    Respirometric OxiTop® measuring system
    for BOD self check measurement

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  • Lab Measurement with IDS

    inoLab® Multi IDS benchtops + IDS sensors:
    up to 3 channels & all parameters simultaneously

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  • The Pioneer of "Multi" Colorimeters

    For water analytics, quality control and more
    including photometry, pH, and turbidity measurement

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Webinars & On-Demand Learning

View our library of WTW webinars and on-demand recordings. Watch pre-recorded webinar videos and download presentation materials, and view upcoming WTW webinars.

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Laboratory and Field Instrumentation

Meters and measuring systems for electro-chemical, photometric, turbidity measurements as well as for the determination of biological degradability. 

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Process Instrumentation (Online)

WTW offers the most complete series of measuring instrumentation as well as accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater. 

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WTW solutions for many challenges in water analysis

Have questions?  WTW has been a company of the Xylem organization since 2011, which works in its core industry all over the world.

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