Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Talent

We are Xylem - 16,000 diverse and dedicated people
united by a powerful mission to solve water and create a more sustainable world.

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Every day, more than 16,000 employees around the globe come together to create innovative technologies and solutions that help communities address escalating water challenges like water scarcity, water affordability and resilience to climate change.  

We help solve the world’s toughest water and smart infrastructure challenges through innovation. We’re building a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion where all voices are heard and all talents are harnessed to advance our all-important cause – creating a more sustainable world.

“Our diverse global team is united in one mission: to help our customers serve their communities’ water  and resource needs, and address the world’s greatest water challenges. Every day, we harness technology, creativity, empathy, passion and partnerships to innovate, to be better stewards of the environment, and to lift up communities around the world.  Learn about my colleagues' stories and join us in our quest to create a water-secure world for all."

-Claudia Toussaint, SVP, Chief Human Resources and Sustainability Officer

Meet some of our employees who are in various stages of their career with Xylem. Learn what attracted them, why they chose to grow their careers with Xylem, and why they are so passionate about what we do every day for our customers and stakeholders – and proud to be part of the Xylem team.

Emelie Fagrell-Elliott

Emelie Fagrell-Elliott

Credit & Collections Manager – Europe Region
Location: Nottingham, UK
Joined Xylem: 2021

Xylem is committed to providing a rich on-boarding experience for our new employees, and we are continually looking for ways to improve. We ensure that each new hire is assigned a ‘Welcome Leader,’ which is the person who a new hire can reach out to, and who can help them to navigate the entire organization. In addition, every month, we conduct a survey with our new hires to understand what went well with their onboarding and where we can make improvements. Read below about one of our newer employee’s onboarding experience.

3 Words to describe Xylem’s culture

Diverse | Rich | Value-Driven

How did your team best support your onboarding process?

I had several dedicated people on-hand to assist with any questions. My manager checked in often to ensure that I was feeling comfortable. From there, I was given a schedule during my first couple of weeks with Xylem. It showed me who and when I would meet with certain colleagues. From there, I was gradually introduced to different tasks. I was impressed by the enthusiasm of my colleagues. You can feel how passionate they are about the work that we do, and how welcoming they are to have another colleague join in our mission.

What was the best part about your onboarding process?

The opportunity to discuss and be introduced to key stakeholders. It helped me familiarize myself more with the business and network with my colleagues.

Lauren Hauptschein

Lauren Hauptschein

Industrial Engineer
Program: Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP)
Location: Lubbock, (1st Rotation), Auburn, NY (2nd Rotation)
Joined Xylem: 2020

Xylem is continuing to build a strong pipeline of passionate young water leaders through our early-in-career rotational programs.   These recent graduates are given opportunities to explore various areas of Xylem. We asked one of our early-in-career rotational program participants about her experience.

3 Words to describe Xylem’s culture

Collaborative | Fast Paced | Adaptable

How did your recruitment process play into your decision on your offer acceptance?

My recruitment process connected me with all levels of leadership within Xylem, and I had the opportunity to experience a supportive and fast-paced work environment Xylem offers. I was also very impressed by Xylem’s commitment to philanthropy through our Xylem Watermark corporate social responsibility program. At Penn State, I held leadership positions in THON, which is the largest student run philanthropy in the world. I was excited to continue my love for philanthropy as a Xylem employee. Our mission of solving water is simply incredible. I could not imagine working for a different company or industry by the end of my recruitment.

How did your recruitment process with Xylem differ from other companies you were interviewing with?

Xylem’s recruitment process was very transparent from the start. I found the OLDP on LinkedIn and had a chance to be interviewed. I had two other competitive offers besides the one with Xylem, and my HR contact helped to expedite the interview process. Every interaction I had with a Xylem employee through the recruitment process was different and conversational. It really felt personal - they wanted to get to know me as much as I wanted to learn about them. I was impressed by Xylem’s commitment to recruit talent during the pandemic.

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson

Regional Director, Americas Commercial Team
Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
Joined Xylem:  2013

Xylem Employee Network Groups connect and engage employees across the company to exchange ideas, gain valuable skills, and share resources. These internal, self-governed groups enhance professional development, enrich company culture, and support business strategies in the areas of recruitment, retention, community involvement, and customer relationships. Collectively, more than 3,500 employees actively participate as members of our eight networks. Below, read about the experience of one of our employees, who is a co-leader of our People of Color and Allies Employee Network.

Three words to describe Xylem’s culture:

Evolving, Driven, Committed

Why do you believe it’s so important for Xylem to have employee networks?

People are looking for familiarity of life experiences beyond work experiences and the ENGs provide a space to find people of common interests and backgrounds.

What is your vision for Xylem’s People of Color and Allies Employee Network?

Full engagement within the four pillars of the network.

Corporate Accountability: Transparency with Xylem’s commitment to its Sustainability goals, especially those related to diversity metrics with the ability to route employees to data demonstrating commitment to these goals and metrics.

Community Engagement: Global programs and outreach opportunities scheduled by members across the globe that promote the contributions and service to our communities, especially those important to our constituency.

General Awareness: Consistent postings and information from network members about their experiences and aspects important to people of color.

Socialization: Routine social events for networking opportunities.

Vikram Nanwani

Vikram Nanwani

VP Product Management & Engineering – Water Infrastructure
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Joined Xylem: 2006

One of Xylem’s strategic pillars is “Cultivating leadership and talent development.”  We are committed to the ongoing development of our employees through training, on the job experiences and relationship. Our development programs can play a vital role in our employee’s development. Below, read about the experience of one of our employees, who is an alumni of our Executive Development Program.

3 Words to describe Xylem’s culture

Caring | Passionate| Innovative 

How did the Executive Development Program (EDP) prepared you for your current role?

The EDP helped me create a network of colleagues from around the world whom I learnt from both personally and professionally. To this day I still reach out to for help, advice and support from them. The program also helped me to better understand how my leadership is perceived by others and how best to adapt this to help my colleagues and Xylem.

What did you like best about the program?

I liked meeting my colleagues from different parts of the world. They all have different experiences and cultures, which enriched my experience. My other favorite part of the program was the one-on-one professional coaching that I received. I was able to take what I learned in the program and from my coach, and experiment with new ways of leading. The entire experience really helped me to grow and develop as an enterprise leader.

Isabel Rochow

Isabel Rochow

VP of Marketing – Americas Region
Location: Charlotte, NC
Joined Xylem: 2021

Xylem’s work in helping solve the word’s water challenges and advance sustainability – attracts top-tier talent from around the globe who are inspired by the opportunity to work for purpose-driven company.  We asked one of our recent new hires about why she chose Xylem.

3 Words to describe Xylem’s culture
Inclusive | High Performing | Transparent

You recently joined Xylem, what makes you excited about joining the Xylem team?

I am excited about working for a company that is a leader in technology and also in advancing sustainability. When we develop innovative solutions at Xylem, we’re helping communities around the world deal with urgent issues like pollution, lack of access to clean water and resilience to severe weather conditions like flooding and drought due to climate change. You can’t take on big challenges like this without a strong company culture. I am impressed with the transparency, open collaboration and purpose that each colleague reflects in their daily work.

With your experience so far, how would you describe the company to other new hires/candidates?

At Xylem, employees are deeply committed to our mission because we know the work that we do directly impacts communities and people. We are also committed to diversity and inclusion, where people’s ideas are considered, and they feel empowered to make a difference.  At Xylem, we like to say, “Let’s solve water” – with an emphasis on “let us.” You really feel that sense of team and partnering for a higher purpose.

Alice Xu

Alice Xu

Marketing Director – China & North Asia Region
Location: Shanghai, China
Joined Xylem: 2007

As our organization has continued to evolve, we have seen exceptional talent grow and develop, taking on different and larger roles. These employees are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in their different functions, are very passionate about Xylem’s mission and proudly represent the company. Read below about one of our leaders who has dedicated over 10 years of her career to Xylem.

3 Words to describe Xylem’s culture

Respect | Diversity | Inclusiveness

Why is Xylem an amazing company to work for?

Xylem has an incredible mission. The company tackles one of the biggest problems our world is facing – solving water. We set out to solve this issue with our leading technology at affordable prices. If you are interested in shaping the next generation of technologies that advance sustainability, come join our team.

How have you seen Xylem grow as a company during your time?

In the beginning, Xylem specialized as a traditional pump and equipment manufacturing company. I have seen it grow into a leading technology company that’s helping drive the digital transformation of water. We’re also focused on advancing diversity and inclusion, which we know is a catalyst for creative new approaches. I had the pleasure of personally seeing Xylem grow and evolve over the years through the previous roles I held, especially in Continuous Improvement before transitioning to the Marketing Director for the North Asia Region.