Lowara powers a rapid cooling system in Israel

Plastics Factory

Tiberius, Israel


In a climate where temperatures can rise to 37°C, the need for efficient air-conditioning in factory environments is essential. This is the case in a plastics factory at kibbutz Degania in Tiberius, Israel, where power costs were high and the cooling process inefficient.

Innovation driving through lower power costs

Engineering company and Lowara official distributor Hydronics partnered with Crytec, the provider of the trademark “bubble slurry ice” system, to develop an energy-efficient cooling system. The system creates ice during the night, when it is both cooler and electricity is up to a fifth of the peak price. Lowara pumps are then used to manage the water flow from ice storage tanks to heat exchangers for the air-conditioning system.

Efficient variable speed pump technology

The Hydronics-specified system utilises an FCT-series in-line twin pump, with a delivery of 60mch and head up to 30 metres. The pump has a robust cast-iron body with AISI 316L stainless steel laser-welded impeller, as is specifically designed for HVAC applications. It is mounted with two Hydrovar® variable speed controllers. These ensure the twin pumps respond to two temperature sensors and manage the cooling water flow from the ice storage to a heat exchanger. This passes the water at a constant temperature of 14° C into the air conditioning system.

This Lowara pump is the first of its kind to be sold in Israel. It ensures the factory not only benefits from the savings from night-time power rates in ice making, but also from the energy-efficiency of the on-demand pumping technology which ensures the factory is cooled to the correct temperature as required.