Potable / Drinking Water

Communities rely on water utilities – and most don't even realize it

Communities’ lifeblood is water. In the industrialized world, water is taken as a given. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, it is there for the people, businesses and industries at the turn of a faucet or valve. Many don’t give it a second thought. Communities can take water for granted because water utilities don’t. Safeguarding health and providing for commerce takes hard work and dedication.

Today, water utilities have to do more with less, and it’s not easy. They must conserve energy, make the most of every drop of water, use staff most efficiently to hold down costs, while meeting stricter requirements and improving quality. Water utilities have relied upon Xylem legacy brands for decades. Research teams continually develop innovations to make processes and equipment more energy efficient, more reliable, more water efficient, and easier to operate.

Potable / Drinking Water Disinfection
Online Process Monitoring
Potable / Drinking Water Online Process Monitoring
Potable Water Filtration
Potable / Drinking Water Potable Water Filtration
Raw Water Intake & Treatment Systems
Potable / Drinking Water Raw Water Intake & Treatment Systems
Potable / Drinking Water Pumping
Potable / Drinking Water Potable / Drinking Water Pumping