CP-Series 50/60 HP, 6″ Motors

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Product Features
  • 6″ Submersible Motors for 6″ Water Ends
  • 50 / 60 HP
  • Three Phase, 460 Volt Only
  • Wet Wound, Rewindable Stator Design
  • Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals as Standard
  • Kingsbury Type Thrust Bearings
  • High Temperature Capable with HP Derating
  • Maximum Starts Per Hour – 15
  • Maximum Immersion – 1150′
  • VFD Capable with Proper Load Filter Added
  • Water Filled with Rubber Sand Slinger to Protect Against Sand Intrusion

Six inch submersible motors for farms, irrigation, industrial and commercial applications. Especially well suited for higher water temperatures due to the 140° F capability at 50 HP with HP derating. Standard temperature capability at 60 HP is 113° F. Sand slinger and silicon carbide mechanical seals provide protection against sand intrusion.

Industries & Applications

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