SonTek Flowpack Software



Product Features
  • Full rating analysis in a matter of minutes
  • Automatically selects the best-fit Velocity-Index equation and coefficients
  • Develops Stage-Area relationships
  • Collates and appends measurements
  • Convenient one-stop data storage - stores multiple sites and ratings
  • Outputs analysis results
  • Professional, printable reports
  • A consistent reporting structure, and the confidence all users will get the same readings
  • For public users - an enhanced level of service you provide to your clients
  • For private business owners - the opportunity to gain more business, more efficiently
  • The ability to import data from a variety of sources,including SonTek stage and discharge instruments, as well as data collected from other devices
  • Multi-language support

V 1.21 — 18FEB2013


  • An instrument used for flow, velocity, or stage applications(e.g., SonTek-SL (3G), SonTek-IQ,  FlowTracker, RiverSurveyor systems)
  • Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2K
  • 1-GHz Pentium processor (2-GHz recommended)
  • 128-MB available memory (256-MB recommended)
  • 200-MB available disk space (400-MB recommended)
  • Monitor capable of 1024x768 (or better) resolution, 16-bit color


If you currently use any of the following programs, you will need to update to the latest version:

  • CurrentSurveyor (v4.50 or later required)
  • FlowTracker (v2.20 or later required)
  • HorizonADV (v1.20 or later required)
  • RiverSurveyor (v4.60 or later required)
  • SonUtils (v4.20 or later required)
  • Stationary Measurement (v1.20 or later required)