Genuine Spare Parts

Explore our extensive stock of authentic Xylem spare parts and accessories, all sourced directly from Xylem as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). You can benefit from available and dependable replacements, ensuring continuous operation and efficiency for your systems. Our commitment to providing parts meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with your equipment guarantees an extended system lifespan and a noticeable decrease in the total cost of ownership.

To help minimise downtime, we recommend maintaining an inventory of critical spare parts for your assets from Xylem. When basic service or repairs are needed having stock can reduce your downtime and keep your operations running.

Flygt spare parts 

Every component in a Flygt pump or mixer is available as a spare part. It is important to remember that a Flygt pump or mixer will only deliver optimal performance when Genuine Flygt Parts are used. Our parts are specifically developed or selected to work perfectly in Flygt products and are available long after the product has been phased out (10-20 years depending on the model). Together with our innovative technological solutions, our superior quality parts ensure trouble-free and safe operation. Make sure your equipment stays 100% Flygt – use Genuine Flygt Parts.

Godwin spare parts 

Using genuine Godwin parts guarantees the reliable, efficient, and safe operation of your Godwin brand pumps from Xylem. The reliable parts save you money by increasing uptime and decreasing operating costs. All genuine Godwin parts meet original manufacturing tolerances and we promise quality. We also maintain an extensive parts inventory in each of our locations around the world.

Leopold spare parts

When you specify and purchase Leopold or Sanitaire equipment, you get more than just a product. Our products and systems are designed to fit the unique requirements of your application. To ensure optimal operation, only genuine replacement parts must be used. 

Wedeco UV spare parts 

Replacing existing lamps and ballasts, as well as wipers, brushes, sensors, and/or sleeves in UV systems that are more than five years old can get the system running at peak performance again. Components are available separately or conveniently packaged in Wedeco Ecoray upgrade kits for several UV disinfection systems.

We have a large portfolio of spare parts for all Xylem branded equipment. For any other spare parts you may need, get in touch.