Servicing a Jabsco Quiet Flush Marine Toilet

Step-by-step instructions on how to service a Jabsco Quiet flush marine toilet (37045 and 37245 models) using service kit 90197-0000, including how to take the pump assembly apart and identifying which way the seal goes.


Servicing A Jabsco Quiet Flush Marine Toilet 10:57

Mike: Hi and welcome to jabscotech. I'm Mark Irving.

Paul: And I'm Paul Campagna.

Mike: Today, we’re talking about toilets, what do you think, Paul?

Paul: Another great day to talk about toilets on jabscotech.

Mike: Right now we have a 37045 or a 37245. These are the Quiet Flush toilets and Pual is going to walk you through a servicing video. What's that entail?

Paul: What we're going to do to service this. We're going to change an O-ring. We're going to change a seal. There's also a joker valve that comes in the kit, but that's already done on the previous video. So that's pretty much what we're going to do. It's a relatively easy toilet to service. So let's take a look at it and get to it.

Mike: Alright, let's do it.

Paul: Okay so here we go. We're going to pull apart this motor assembly. First of all we need a few tools – the Phillips head, couple of flat blade screwdrivers, 3/32 Allen wrench and the nut drivers are 7/16, and also some lube. You also want to have some gloves handy and make sure that the power is disconnected from the toilet. Okay, so let's get into it.

The cover comes off and we've got our four screws. Remember to have some rags handy because you probably will get some water coming out when this assembly comes off. OK, she'll pull straight out. And there we have it with the four screws. Thank you, Mike. We’ve got that O-ring that we're going to change out. And starting in there, we have the chopper plate. So that's the next thing to take off. So we're going to need a nut driver. And a flat blade screwdriver. Screwdriver at the back of the shaft to hold the shaft. And just undo it. So, you get the back of the shaft, the flat blade that driver on the top plate. And then just pull that chopper plate off, just pull the whole assembly the whole housing off. Here we go straight off. Chopper plate and our housing.

Next is the impeller. It has the 3/32 Allen wrench. Just need to undo that. You don't need to take out this set screw all the way, just a couple of turns. And the impeller will slide off the shaft. There we go. Next, we're going to change that seal in there so we’re going to take off this housing. Phillips head screwdriver. If you are concerned, you can always get a marker and mark where the screws are. Two screws just pull straight off and there we have it. Screws can stay in there. Now we want to push that or get that seal out of there; a flat blade screwdriver can only pick it out without trying to damage anything else. That's the old seal. So now we've got our kit, the 90197-0000 – has a joker valve, an O-ring, and a new seal. So, we can just push this new seal in that area. Make sure it seats all the way down. And then we can slide it straight back onto the shaft. Line up your holes for your screws. Just do them up firm; you don't need to over tighten them. You don't want to break anything.

Okay, next we need to put the impeller back on so the flat section of the impeller goes on the flat section of the shaft. Push that on. Allen wrench. Just make it up tight. Housing and then the chopper plate, which also has a flat section on there. And the tab goes to the back and it sits over the flat section. And our nut. Start the nut off, get your nut driver flat blade wrench. Screwdriver. Hold the back of the shaft as you do the nut up on the chopper. Very nice and firm. There we have it; it’s all back together. The next step will be to put the motor assembly back onto the toilet, which in that process we'll put plenty of lubricant on the O-ring and we'll put it back onto the toilet.

Now we're going to put the motor assembly back on to the toilet. Get some lube and put it on the O-ring. Helps hold it in place as you're installing it back onto the base of the toilet. Set it in the groove. There's a keyway on here; it goes at the 12 o’clock position. It goes and then it goes. Screw in there to hold it in place, then just do it up firm, we don't want to go too tight because we don't want to crack any of the plastics. The O-rings in there to stop it from leaking. Put the motor assembly back on, put the cover back on.

There you go. So, we've just changed out the O-ring, changed out the seal, and put it all back together.

Mike: So that’s pretty easy. What do you think?

Paul: Yeah, it's a very easy toilet to work on, Mike. You know, once you change the seal, the O-ring, you should have no problems from here on end.

Mike: Safety tips?

Paul: Always make sure that the power is disconnected before you start the toilet and always wear gloves and have some rags handy just so you can clean up any mess.

Mike: And when you're done, don't forget to clean and disinfect all of your tools. And because we're coming in contact with human waste so you want to make sure everything is tidied up.

Paul: Great idea, Mike.

Mike: This is a great episode of jabscotech; we hope this helped you out. My name’s Mike Irving.

Paul: And I’m Paul Campagna.

Mike: We'll talk to you soon.