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Some organizations are further along the analytics maturity curve. You may have identified several areas within the utility that require deeper analyses. Perhaps your organization is working from an analytics roadmap. Sensus Advanced Analytics is designed to cover those who need a more customized solution.

Even if you require more sophisticated analytics, don’t be fooled by other packages. Sophisticated is not the same as difficult. Sensus Advanced Analytics applications are available for more specialized functions:


Icon_Energy_Insight.pngEnergy Insight

Provide a “bottoms-up” view of loading along the circuit, enabling an unprecedented view of your system, allowing you to understand what is being asked of the distribution design

Sensus-advanced-analytics-body2.pngTranformer Utilization

Determine potential transformer failure and help right-size installations with this aggregation-based tool. (Coming soon: tools to expand analysis to additional devices including fuses and switches)

Icon_Voltage_Insight.pngVoltage Insight

Uncover opportunities where you can lower and balance voltage across your distribution territory during high use periods, so you can reduce the need to purchase energy at expensive peak prices

Icon_Outage_Management.pngOutage Management

Display all active outages and recent restorations. Additional reporting capabilities will be added soon



Icon_Daily_Reads-copy.pngDaily Reads

Capture daily reads from SmartPoints through your network at a specific time to verify your meters’ reporting capability and reduce lost revenue



Icon_Unbilled_Insight.pngUnbilled Insight

Provide an up-to-date view of service delivered but not yet billed so you can accurately predict future revenue for upcoming billing cycles with this forecasting tool



Service Management
Coming soon
Assists your business with the process to turn on or off large numbers of devices at one time and provide near real time status updates of the process


Product Features
  • Secure, cloud-based platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with any AMI or AMR system


  • Gain a competitive edge with advanced analytics insights
  • Customize your Sensus Analytics capabilities
  • Select only the apps needed for your business goals


Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools