Flygt VFD Pump Controller

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The VFD pump controller has all of the features and benefits of the standard MT2PC Family, offering standardization across your Pump Station network.

Flygt's Pump Controllers with Variable Frequency Drive equalizer...

Not only perform all the standard controls, but efficiently manage and alternate multiple variable speed drive pump sets.

As pumps turn on and off, the analog output signal is recalculated so net flow is averaged over the two pumps. This means the controller will always try to adjust the controlling signal so both pumps are running at the same speed to produce the required flow.

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Download an application note:

  • Sump Cleaning Function - How to get all pumps to periodically run past their normal stopping point in order to clean out the pipes in pre-v7.7 controllers
  • Reducing Odors in Sewer Wells - How to use the 'Maximum Off Time' function on Multitrode's pump controllers to reduce odors from stagnant sewer wells
  • Improving Safety at Pump Stations - Various features that improve Occupational Health and Safety at site by giving a visual indication of the well level without the need to open the well and teh ability to simulate levels to test control functions 
  • Level Sensing Options in the MTxPC - There are several level sensing options from the Multitrode Probe to analog devices such as pressure transducers - This note also describes how to program the various options