Sensus Cordonel® Static Flow Water Meter

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Manage Your Distribution Network with Increased Accuracy and Control

Introducing Cordonel, a transformative 360 Performance bulk meter wireless solution that is reshaping the landscape of pumping technology. With its inherent accurate and reliable data in any installation or environmental condition is second to none. Cordonel is an adaptable powerhouse, capable of addressing a multitude of pumping challenges across diverse industries, ensuring consistent and dependable performance even in the most demanding scenarios.

Product Features
  • Flexible U0D0 installation with no upstream and downstream pipe required
  • Installation in horizontal and vertical pipe orientations
  • Solid-state meter providing no moving parts
  • 20-year predicted battery lifetime under standard usage conditions
  • Maintenance free over its operational lifetime
  • Constant accuracy over lifetime, no degradation as components age
  • Patent-pending flow tube technology offering optimum flow conditioning
  • Three measurement channels for capturing virtually all water flow
  • LCD for consumption, flow, temperature, pressure (optional) and status information
  • Integrated radio communication and data logger
  • License free radio on frequency 433 or 868 MHz
  • Secure 128 bit encrypted data transmission
  • NFC wireless interface for readout of the last volume reading
  • Optional pulse output with programmable pulse modes, values and lengths
  • Meter can be submerged; meets protection class IP68
  • MID pattern approval according to annex MI001
  • Available options:
    • Integrated pressure sensor
    • Radio communication on alternative frequencies

Cordonel is a high-performance bulk meter that enables you to manage your distribution network more efficiently and provides accurate and reliable data in any installation or environmental condition.

Using advanced ultrasonic technology and a Sensus communication network, this meter gathers precise low and high-flow data in real time. This solid state meter has no moving parts and offers a patent-pending flow tube with no obstructions, providing a maintenance-free meter over its operational lifetime.

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Real U0D0 installation flexibility and a sturdy design allows Cordonel to accurately capture and measure water consumption, flow, temperature and pressure (optional); it is perfect for use in virtually all commercial, industrial and agricultural settings.

Cordonel sizes range between DN40 (1 1/2″) to DN 300 (12″).

Click through this animated experience to learn about the advanced capabilities of Cordonel.

Benefits to you:

  • Install in any environment with a meter that meets U0D0. Install in horizontal and vertical pipe orientations with no straight upstream and downstream pipe required.
  • Integrate easily with a Sensus communication network for two-way information and data transfer.
  • Receive accurate, reliable readings over a 20-year battery life—enabled by new technology that ensures all water entering passes through one of its three individual measuring paths.
  • Measure beyond water consumption with pressure monitoring (optional) to proactively identify leaks, improve efficiency, and examine overall health of your water network.
  • Ensure revenue assurance with a solid-state meter featuring no moving parts.


  • Sizes range between DN40 (1 1/2″) to DN 300 (12″).
  • DE-19-MI001-PTB-008
  • CE M-XX* 0102 (*year of conformity assessment)
  • Large measuring range; Q3/Q1 R1000
  • Meter conforms to:OIML R49:2013
  • ISO 4064:2014
  • Potable Water:KTW / DVGW
  • WRAS
  • ACS
  • KIWA


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