Reservoir Center for Water Solutions: Collaborating to Create Change

Reservoir Center for Water Solutions: Collaborating to Create Change

On June 15th, the Reservoir Center for Water Solutions opened in Washington, D.C. – a major milestone for the water sector. The Center will serve as a global collaboration hub to advance breakthrough water solutions and innovations and promote water education and awareness.

A consortium of 33 leading organizations within and beyond the water sector, the Center includes academia, technology providers, trade associations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that are bringing together their resources, knowledge, and networks to accelerate solutions to the world’s critical water and sustainability challenges. Partners include: the US Water Alliance, the International Water Association, EarthEcho International, the Aspen Institute – and Xylem, a founding partner and sponsor of the Center.

We spoke with Maya Sathyanadhan, Program Manager for the Reservoir Center, to hear more about this innovative and collaborative space.

Can you tell us a little more about Reservoir Center?

Maya 2 1000x1000 (1).jpgThe goal of the Reservoir Center is to bring together the greatest minds from across the water sector, the policy world, and beyond, to speed progress in finding solutions to the world’s water challenges. The Center is a hub where water leaders and influencers can collaborate and tap into their collective expertise and experience, opening exciting new possibilities to solve once intractable problems.

When you look at the skill sets and resources that this group of partners brings to the table you realize that together we can – and we will – make significant and sustainable progress.


"The Reservoir Center is a global ecosystem of partners committed to bringing their collective talents and ideas to the table to break down barriers and fast-track solutions,” said Patrick Decker, President, Xylem

Another key aspect of the Reservoir Center is the innovative programs, education and mentoring, and community outreach we offer to create a vibrant space to generate ideas and fuel action.

The location will also serve as a meeting place for similarly focused organizations to create water solutions and drive innovation.

Why is a collaboration hub like this needed?

There has never been a more promising or a more urgent time to take on the world’s water challenges. We know that water challenges are intensifying around the globe. We are seeing historic drought and flooding, lack of access to clean water and safe sanitation, and lack of water affordability and inequity. At the same time, investment in water infrastructure and bold new technologies are offering unprecedented opportunities to solve water like never before. Now is the time for us to come together to take new strides.

“We can change lives when we all work together and are passionate about bringing water to communities that don’t have access to a life-sustaining resource,” said Chris Long NFL player and Waterboys founder.

A hub like the Reservoir Center that is founded on community, engagement and collaboration is key to solving global issues. The consortium partners – with more than 30 leading organizations within and outside the water sector – view this as part of a long-term solution for the global water community.

Creating a truly global platform to bring leaders and thinkers together to address these urgent water issues is long overdue. It is also helping democratize access to facilities, adding an extra layer of support for the smaller nonprofits and organizations within the water sector whose voices are so key to bringing new solutions to life.

Group 1 1200 x 630 (1).jpg

Xylem CEO Patrick Decker cuts the ribbon at Reservoir Center for Water Solutions opening on June 15th.

Our vision is to create a world where water issues are no longer a constraint to human health, prosperity, or environmental sustainability. It is a bold ambition – no doubt – but it is achievable in our lifetime if we come together and take decisive action.

“We’re proud to be the home of the Reservoir Center where conversations and ideas around water sustainability can thrive,” said John Falcicchio, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, District of Columbia

What is next – where can we find out more?

We are excited about the many opportunities to attend events at the Reservoir Center. Before the Center was officially launched, we hosted a variety of ramp-up events ranging from river clean-ups, networking gatherings, and webinars, including very insightful discussions on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and on promoting water equity.

Looking ahead, we have an impressive line-up of panel discussions about water, sustainability, and many other topics important to the sector. We hope our water sector – and non-water sector – friends alike will join us!

Coming up, the Center will host a two-day discussion titled “Mobilizing Innovation to Advance Climate Resilience in the Water Sector” on June 21 and 22.


Learn more about The Reservoir Center for Water Solutions and its upcoming events, visit here