Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

In the world of RVs, Flojet sets the standard.

Whether you're downsizing, thrill-seeking, or simply wandering, the RV lifestyle comes with the freedom to go wherever your spirit takes you. Every moment spent outdoors is an adventure, which is why you need RV water pumps and waste management solutions that have been engineered to keep you safe and comfortable in any environment.

For decades, the world's best-known RV builders have depended on Flojet to provide greater peace of mind and performance, and today these trusted brands continue to set the standard for reliable, innovative water management. 

  • Water pressure systems that provide all the convenience of your "at home" water supply
  • Sink and shower drain pumps with simple yet robust design and powerful flow rates
  • Macerator pumps that can handle both the black and grey water from holding tanks