MeiMag Water Meter

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The Meimag consists of two different components: A converter unit on top of the meter and the sensor inside. There are two different converter versions:

  • MAG 6000CT for Measurement of water, in commercial applications, up to 30 °C. Usage as billing or irrigation meter
  • MAG 6000 for measurement of water, in industrial applications, up to 70 °C for usage in water treatment and batching of fluids

One sensor is available, the MAG 5100W, for measurement of water up to 70 °C and usage in industrial applications, water treatment and batching of fluids (MAG 6000).

Benefits to you

  • Provides increased low flow accuracy for water leakage detection
  • Allows patented MAG in-situ verification using the SENSORPROM fingerprint
  • Optimizes turn down ratio for superior signal resolution
  • Enhances troubleshooting and meter verification with the help of a comprehensive diagnostic and service menu
  • Facilitates easy transmitter setup and replacement with SENSORPROM technology; reprograms any new transmitter automatically without loss of data and accuracy
  • Enables fitting of add-on bus modules without loss of functionality with USM II platform; all modules can be fitted as true Plug & Play
  • Installs easily and is simple to commission and maintain
  • Robust build
Product Features

Converter – MAG 6000CT

  • Approval acc. 2004/22/EG MI001 for cold water up to 30 °C Wide measuring range
  • Approved Ratio R160

Converter – MAG 5000

  • High measuring accuracy (±0,4%±1mm/s of measured value under reference conditions)
  • Wide measuring range

Converter – MAG 6000

  • High measuring accuracy (±0,2%±1mm/s of measured value under reference conditions)

Sensor – MAG 5100W

  • High measuring accuracy (±0,2%±1mm/s of measured value; together with MAG 6000)
  • Earthing electrodes integrated in the measuring tube
  • Coned measuring pipe by 1xDN for more accurate measurement of low flow rates
  • Measuring tube liner with sanitary approval
  • Measuring tube temperature resistant up to 70 °C (short time 90 °C
  • EPDM liner specifically for drinking water applications requiring special approvals
  • Built-in advanced batch control
  • Robust design


  • Simple commissioning by SENSORPROM
  • No calibration necessary
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Converter suitable for compact/remote mounting; separate mounting with cable length up to 3 m with MAG 6000CT and up to 100 m with MAG 6000
  • Automatic zero point adjustment
  • LCD-indicator, current output, pulse output
  • Empty pipe detection
  • Flow-direction signal
  • Batch function
  • Limit switch
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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