Xylem, Cityzens Giving and PUMA join forces to tackle water issues for communities in need

Xylem, Cityzens Giving and PUMA join forces to tackle water issues for communities in need

Q&A with Randolf Waters, Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Branding at Xylem

Solving water means doing things differently – from technology and policy innovation to creative partnerships that build public awareness of water challenges and solutions. Xylem is proud to join with a diverse range of partners in this effort, and the movement is growing. Xylem Making Waves spoke with Randolf Waters, Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Branding, about how Xylem and Manchester City Football Club’s global charity initiative Cityzens Giving are teaming up with global sports company PUMA to help solve water.

Q: What is the aim of this new dimension to our Manchester City partnership?

RandolfHeadShot_G8H0328 - Big Smile.jpgRandolf Waters: We’re on a journey to create a global community of action-taking water citizens. There are billions of individuals around the world either directly affected by water challenges, concerned about water challenges, and/or passionate about solving water challenges. We want to unite these groups of individuals and give them the tools to be active water advocates.

With this, we’re thrilled to announce the new collaboration with PUMA and Manchester City’s global charity initiative Cityzens Giving. The collaboration kicks off with the 2021/2022 ‘Away Kit’ that is dedicated to raising water awareness and giving this community of action-taking water citizens a flag to fly under. This will be followed by exciting awareness raising campaigns, and by water and football projects in Manchester, São Paolo, Buenos Aires and Mumbai that we believe will reach 10,000+ young people.

Q: What is the new Manchester City ‘Away Kit’ and what makes it special?

Randolf Waters: As far as I know, this ‘Away Kit’ is the world’s first official jersey dedicated to an environmental cause that will be worn by players throughout an entire season. I can’t overstate how excited I am about this huge moment where we have a a global sports team and an official kit manufacturer stepping up to make a statement on water issues.

This is a team and an initiative that shines a light on water challenges and the water sector’s work to solve them in innovative and powerful ways.

Q: Can you tell us more about how the new ‘Away Kit’ is produced? 

Randolf Waters: The kit itself leverages a special Dope Dye manufacturing process to reduce water consumption and is made with 100% recycled polyester to give an authentic nod to the fact that we all have a role to play in creating a secure water future. From a design perspective, the striking new jersey features water droplets throughout the design, highlighting our collaboration. The club’s crest, PUMA cat, and sponsor logos feature iridescent colors, resembling the effect of light breaking through water droplets. 

Q: Can you share your thoughts on why igniting today’s youth to solve water is so important?

Randolf Waters: The next generation has a crucial role to play in tackling the urgent water challenges we face around the globe. The first step is to make them aware of the problem. That’s why at Xylem, we’re pushing the boundaries so that we continue to reach more people in creative and attention-grabbing ways. 

We’re now in the fourth year of our partnership with Manchester City and with each campaign, we break new ground. The End of Football campaign to raise awareness of the impacts of water scarcity, for example, reached an audience of over 473 million in the first three weeks alone and was among the most successful digital partner campaigns in the club’s history. 

Our goal is to build a movement of water innovators, stewards and advocates, particularly with the global youth. This work takes many forms and our effort with PUMA and Cityzens Giving marks another milestone in an exciting journey. Let’s Solve Water!

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