HYPACK Offers a Wide Range of Training Opportunities

We believe training is a key component in successful hydrographic surveys and dredging operations. Staying current with the latest technology will give your company a competitive edge and will enhance performance and productivity. That's why we offer a flexible range of high quality training options. Our range of training options is designed to fit a variety of budgets and learning styles. HYPACK offers instructor-led training and self-tutorial material to teach HYPACK and hydrographic skills and best practices to perform and complete your surveys efficiently. Below is a list of different training opportunities:

HYPACK Training Courses and Seminars

HYPACK offers 2/3 day seminars and training courses on single beam, multibeam, dredging and volumes. These are hands-on trainings that are taught in a classroom setting. For a complete list of scheduled training courses and seminars, please visit our Training Events page.

What are the benefits?

  • Low cost training opportunity
  • Limited to 20 participants to ensure all students get individual attention
  • Hands-on practice using the latest HYPACK software products
  • Ability to ask questions and get immediate answers
  • Class activities and discussions encourage peer-to-peer learning
  • Training on best practices and recommended workflows from the people who know HYPACK products the best

HYPACK On-Site Training

When you have a certain number of staff members who require the same training, having HYPACK come to you is the best option. We will send one of our HYPACK instructors onsite to teach a class at your facility, this may also be the most cost-effective training solution. For onsite inquiries please contact us.

What are the benefits?

  • Cost savings realized from eliminating staff travel to a distant training location
  • Personalized training that will focus on your company’s needs and requirements
  • Hands-on practice using your equipment and the latest HYPACK software products
  • Informative class discussions—staff can discuss organizational workflows in confidence and ask questions that benefit the entire group

Annual HYPACK Training Event

Our HYPACK USA conference is held every January. Our conference is a great low opportunity to get HYPACK training, meet other users and HYPACK staff, and learn about the products of other industry partners that exhibit at our conference. Check the Upcoming Events page for more information on upcoming training conferences.

To support our international HYPACK user community, HYPACK also organizes training seminars abroad. Annually HYPACK holds over 20 international seminars. These seminars are organized by our local agents and taught in the local language. For a seminar near you, please visit our list of upcoming seminars.

What are the benefits?

  • Low cost training opportunity
  • Opportunity to meet other users in the community
  • Opportunity to meet with our HYPACK support staff during one-on-one sessions
  • Expert sessions available during at our HYPACK conference
  • Meet industry partners and learn about their latest technology
  • Latest presentation material and project examples using the latest HYPACK software products
  • Ability to ask questions and get immediate answers

HYPACK Self-Study Material

Self- training is ideal for motivated learners who want flexibility in their training schedule or location. Self-study Material Include:

HYPACK Training Notes: Most complete training presentations on the latest software version. It also includes sample projects. Available to download from our website. Available in English and Spanish. You can view self-study material HERE!

YouTube videos: Easy to follow videos that Cover a variety of HYPACK topics modules with examples. Available for viewing here: HYPACK Videos

Manuals and Quick Start guides are available on our Documentation page. Available in English,Spanish and Russian.

What are the benefits?

  • Convenient 24/7 availability—access training when you want from the location you prefer
  • Control over your learning pace—whether you want to dedicate 10 minutes or several hours, you decide how long you want to focus on a training topic
  • High-quality training—created by HYPACK instructors and subject matter experts
  • Extensive catalog of training topics on all our latest software products
  • Affordability—free and low cost options offer excellent value for those with lean training budgets