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OPTi Digital Refractometer



Product Features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide application scope
  • Single and Duo scale models
  • Zero calibrate with water
  • Shallow prism dish
  • Small hand print

The new OPTi hand held digital refractometers designed in 2011 are manufactured in the UK as highly reliable premium quality instruments suitable for use in the harshest of environments across a wide variety of applications.  The digital refractomers have an extensive range of scale types for use in a wide variety of applications.  The different digital refractometers within the OPTi family cover not only the commonplace food, beverage and chemical applications, but also life science, automotive, heat transfer and even customer specific applications. 

The OPTi digital refractometers have both single and dual (duo) scale model types with a clear scale indicator and simple push buttons.  A 4-1/2 digit LCD screen provides the digital refractometer user a complete readout of extended text scales such as specific gravity and refractive index.  The compact design with the slimmest profile on the market means that the digital refractometers are much more pleasant to carry in your pocket.  Each digital refractometer has a water zero calibration option, which means that there is no need for expensive sucrose solutions even for high range models. 

OPTi digital refractometers are constructed using the latest manufacturing techniques including 316 stainless steel injection molding to construct the easy clean prism dish. Ultrasonic welding provides dust and moisture ingress protection to IP65 levels by bonding the digital refractometer's ABS housing and rubberized switch membrane.  The OPTi digital refractometers may be used to control the dissolved solids or blend ratios of numerous products from fresh fruit to industrial chemicals. 

Life Science Applications

Digital refractometers play small but vital role within the life science sector for both human and veterinary use.  Whether the need is to control the sugar content of sports drinks prior to consumption or to track hydration levels of our athletes taking part in a sporting event, the duo scale OPTi-Sport digital refractometer is the right for the job.  Similarly in the veterinary field, the OPTi-Vet digital refractometer is used to ascertain sugar levels of animal urine, large and small, as part of a diagnostic procedure. 

The OPTi-Aquarium digital refractometers also have two scales expressing seawater concentration in either parts per thousand (PPT) or specific gravity (SG) and is not only used as a means to test the salt content of fish tanks at home or within the fish farming industry (aquaculture) but also in our shipping industries, where seawater is used as an engine coolant, and as an environmental tool to track the stability and degradation of our rare wetlands and salt plains. 

The OPTi digital refractometers also play an important part in horse and rare animal breeding too, where the instrument is used to monitor mare's milk colostrum quality to ensure the correct levels of immunoglobin is being delivered during those first few days of life!