Godwin Rig Pump

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Godwin Rig Pump

Dewatering in an underground mine, tunnel or quarry is one of the toughest and most dangerous applications for miners and pumps. Blast debris and rockfalls are common, trailing cables are a necessary hazard, and putting personnel at the mine face is part of the job. These tough operating conditions result in early failures, higher repair costs, reduced 


efficiency and increased workload for mine site personnel to replace and repair existing pumps.  

The Godwin Rig Pump is designed to operate even in the harshest of conditions, complementing traditional dewatering methods while keeping safety, efficiency and reliability at the forefront.

Simplicity and Safety

Simplicity and Safety

Rig Pump - suction line and pan strainer

Suction line and pan strainer

  • Self-priming from the drill face
  • Pump and people safely away from most hazardous areas
  • Light and easy to move

Godwin Rig Pump - cabin operated

Cabin operated  

  • Power on / off switch in cabin
  • Air operated on / off valve on frame
  • Operator controlling from safety of drill rig 


Godwin Rig Pump - no trailing power cables on pump

Removes trailing cables at the mine face

  • Self-priming from the drill face 
  • Pump and people safely away from the most hazardous areas 



Godwin Rig Pump: 
Key Features & Proven Technology


Flygt NC "non-clog" impeller

  • Handles shotcrete fibers easily
  • Increased pump efficiency

Godwin Dri-Prime® technology

  • Self-priming from 8.5m
  • Ability to prime and re-prime automatically
  • Reduces wear caused by snoring


  • Non-Return Valve

Dry-running capabilities

  • Liquid oil bath mechanical seal
  • Solid silicone carbide rotating and stationary elements
  • High-abrasion resistant faces

Rig mounted installation

  • No trailing power cables at mine face
  • Can be operated from the safety of the rig

Godwin Rig Pump - Key Features

Rig Pump vs Traditional

Rig Pump Dewatering

The Godwin Rig Pump is installed on the drilling rig, which eliminates the safety hazard of pump trailing power cables. Reduces operator and asset exposure at the mine face and allows operator to operate the pump from the safety of the drill rig.


Traditional Face Dewatering

Drilling rig operators and miners are forced to manually move submersible pumps around the face to dewater the area as well as avoid damage from drill rig movements and rock fall.


Benefits of the Godwin Rig Pump

Godwin Rig Pump - faster drilling Keeping you drilling faster and longer without downtime.


Godwin Rig Pump - lower costs Reduced operating expenses for repairs, saving time and energy.


Godwin Rig Pump - compact design Compact design for installation and operation from your rig.


Godwin Rig Pump - safer environment Delivers a safer working environment for your people.


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Godwin Rig Pump

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