From Coastal Shorelines to the Deep Blue: Collecting Oceanographic Water Level and Current Data in Times of Change

Duration: 1:01:08

Science shows changes are occurring in our oceans – and they are happening quickly and on a global scale. What we know:

  1. The ocean is getting warmer, affecting sea level, currents and weather
  2. Sea level is rising at a rate of six-tenths of an inch per decade since 1880 (source, US EPA)
  3. Coastal flooding is accelerating at record levels
  4. Storm surge is increasing as storms become more intense

With change comes the on-going need for defensible data that researchers, scientists and water management professionals can rely on for informed decision-making.

The one hour online presentation gathers some of the premier minds of technology development in one “virtual” room to talk about case studies and share updates on the instrumentation being used to measure water level, tides and waves by agencies such as NOAA, USGS, and UK’s Environment Agency, all of whom have relied on this information for years to provide the ocean monitoring/research community actionable data for long-term planning, and in many cases today, emergency response. Our international team of presenters includes:

  • Isaac Jones – Product Manager/Application Engineer, SonTek (San Diego, California)
  • Anders Tengberg – Product Manager/Scientific Advisor, Aanderaa (Bergen, Norway)
  • Trent Demuzio – Application Engineer, YSI (Yellow Springs, Ohio)

Expect to learn industry “Best Practices” and more about the latest technology used to measure water level, waves, and velocity. As part of the Xylem family, Aanderaa, SonTek and YSI offer access to years of expertise and we are happy to answer questions relating to your unique data collection requirements.

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