Mine Water Boosting & Transport - Pumps, Monitoring and Controls

Move water out of shafts or up to high elevations with Xylem water booster pumps
Transport mine water to and around your site efficiently and cost-effectively, with pumps designed for easy installation, low maintenance and long-term high durability. Xylem mine water booster pumps are ideal for a wide range of flows and pressures.

Increase efficiency with water booster pumps and packages.
Our large multi-stage pumps offer high head capabilities for boosting water out of mineshafts or moving source water up to mines at high elevations. Gain market-leading efficiencies in clean water boosting, with your choice of stainless steel or cast iron construction and vertical or horizontal configuration.

Add bottom-line benefits with advanced monitoring and controls.
Increase cost-effectiveness with an integrated pumping system that senses and adapts to operating conditions. Enhance water boosting performance with internet-enabled access to engine parameters such as hours, speed, temperature and fuel use, and pump parameters such as suction and discharge pressure, flow data and sump level.

Get the right water booster pump solution.
Work with Xylem engineers to develop the water transport system that’s right for your underground or open-pit mining application. Contact our team to see what industrial-strength thinking can solve for you.

Providing water to Peru’s largest copper mine
See how Xylem delivers specialized support to the Southern Peru Copper Corporation, one of the largest copper producers in the world, with water boosting for its open pit mine.


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