TITRONIC 500 Piston Burette

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Product Features
  • Intelligent interchangeable modules with 5, 10, 20 and 50 ml volume capacity.
  • Connect to a printer and/or an analytical balance.
  • Remote control access via RS232 or USB interface.
  • Connect up to 16 devices using the two RS232 ports.
  • The first burette is connected to one PC RS232 or USB port.

TitroLine 6000 and 7000 and the new TITRONIC 500 piston burette with innovative features for simple and easy operation–without sacrificing accuracy.

  • High visibility, full color display that can be easily viewed from a distance and at extreme angles.
  • Reagent data is securely stored in the intelligent and interchangeable modules.
  • Automatic wireless recognition of SCHOTT Instruments ID electrodes guarantees accurate calibration and measurements (TitroLine 7000).
  • Touch keypad interface for error free operation.
  • Includes three USB and two RS232 ports for expansion and connection of devices such as USB storage of methods and data, stirrer, laboratory balance, PC and additional SI Analytics peripheral devices.
  • Versatile and flexible for a variety of applications.

New intelligent, interchangeable modules:

  • Size options of 5, 10, 20 and 50 ml.
  • Compact, space saving footprint for when bench space is a premium.
  • All relevant reagent and unit data are stored in the integrated RFID-chip including Burette size (ml), Titrant name, Titrant concentration or titer value of solution and Date of manufacturing or expiration date of the reagent.

Flexible configuration features.

Expand and customize your workstation using the three USB and two RS232 ports for a total of five connection options for:

  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Manual controller
  • Printer (HP-PCL)
  • Keyboard
  • Storage device
  • USB expansion hub
  • Balance
  • Personal computer
  • Plus, additional SI Analytics devices such as sample changers and peripherals.

The TITRONIC 500 is the ideal piston burette for manual titrations, accurate dosing applications as well as the preparation of solutions. When used with TitriSoft 3.0, it acts as a titration burette or with the TitroLine7000 and TitriSoft 3.0, it is an automatic dosing unit perfect to pre-dose a titrant.

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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