RFM700 Series

Digital automatic technology at a low cost

Designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, RFM700-M Series refractometers offer digital automatic technology at a low cost. Latest models feature more scale and temperature compensation options than their Brix & refractive index predecessors, enabling the instrument to be used not only in the traditional food, sugar, and beverage applications but also in a number of industrial applications.

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RFM700-M refractometers are particularly suited to wine applications, as industry standard scales such as Baume, Oechsle, and Probable Alcohol (A.P.) are all accessible from the on-board library. As well as wines scales, a ‘Fuel System Icing Inhibitor’ scale that conforms to ASTM D 5006 can be loaded as well as refractive index (RI).

The all new RFM700-M includes a flat ‘easy clean’ sapphire prism and a ‘no-presser design’ which offers rapid cleaning once a measurement has been taken. 


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