Eclipse Professional Eclipse 0-15 Brix, Low range

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Product Features
  • simple zero adjust with lock
  • shaded field of view for distinction
  • high precision, clear scale
  • easy-clean prism
  • unique sample ‘dribble’ feature
  • low weight
  • anti-roll supports
  • push-on prism flap

This 0-15 Brix Eclipse refractometer is a low range model with a multitude of uses. A refractometer that is ideal for sodas and fruit ripeness in the food and beverage industry as well as proving extremely useful as a way of measuring industrial coolants such as cutting fluid, quenchant, lubricants, and fire fighting foam.

The 0-15 Brix Eclipse is our lowest range, offering a short range whilst maintaining the precision engineered housing associated with our Eclipse range.

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Industries & Applications

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