EBI 16 EBI 16 Bowie Dick Test Data Logger

Overview ;


Product Features
  • Reliable: clear, reproducible measurement results
  • Accurate: high-resolution graphical cycle display
  • Secure: digital data recording and storage
  • Easy: to use and evaluate

Bowie Dick Test
The EBI 16 delivers clear results during daily checks of the air evacuation test and steam penetration test according to DIN EN 17665 and DIN EN 285.

Early warning system
The EBI 16 provides early identification of possible failures in steam-sterilizers. Even small quantities of residual air that doesn`t lead to a failed Bowie Dick Test yet, are detected.

Vacuum check
The EBI 16 allows a reasonable vacuum check also for sterilizers without pressure display according to DIN EN 285.

Verification of sterilization parameters
The EBI 16 checks the sterilization parameters such as compensation time, hold time, sterilization temperature and sterilization time according to DIN EN 285.


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