Flow Solution FS 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer

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Product Features

Modular hardware

Modular hardware allows FIA and/or SFA methods to be run interchangeably on the same unit. Multiple FS 3700 can be linked to provide additional channels of concurrent analysis.

Injection Valves

An automated injection valve is installed in the analysis module chassis when required to run a flow injection analysis (FIA) method.

Chemistry Cartridges

Each chemistry cartridge is pre-assembled with all components needed to perform a validated analysis method – just attach the pump tubing and detector flow cell.
Ordering by 'channel' provides a convenient way to configure the 3700. Modular, flexible hardware provides a great platform for research, in-house or proprietary methods

In-line Heating/UV Digestion

In-line devices for reactions requiring heating or UV digestion are mounted on the underside of chemistry cartridges.
FlowView software provides user programmable control of the UV lamp and cartridge heater set points in 1 °C increments.

Plug-in Detector Modules

Photometric and amperometric detector modules plug-in to the FS 3700 to support methods employing colorimetric chemistries or amperometric measurements. Built-in A/D and ISE capability are standard in each chassis.
The Expanded RangeTM photometric detector and auto-scaling software virtually eliminate off-scale samples. A single calibration curve can range from low ppb to high ppm concentrations. 

The FS 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer is an advanced continuous flow analyzer designed to improve laboratory productivity by automating wet chemistry test procedures.

OI Analytical validates the hardware configuration and performance of every method supplied with the FS 3700 analyzer providing users a total analysis solution. Methods for aqueous samples, soil or plant extracts are available to support environmental compliance monitoring, process optimization and research applications.

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Industries & Applications

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