Bellingham + Stanley DSG Series Density Meters

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High-Accuracy Digital Density Meter with Intuitive Software & Instrumentation

The Bellingham + Stanley DSG Series Density Meters are designed with simplicity in mind. From the intuitive user interface, to its ease of cleaning and advanced temperature control systems, the DSG-series density meters offer high accuracy and premium features for many industries, such as: 

  • Analysis for Pharmaceutical functions
  • Volatile compound measurement for Industrial functions
  • Quality Control for Food & Beverage functions
  • Ethanol volume for Alcohol industries


Product Features
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compatible 
  • Peltier Temperature Control 
  • Excellent reproducibility 
  • 20 second read time 
  • Strong air pump for thorough cleaning 
  • Standard Leur connectors
  • METHODS based
  • Easy to clean 

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compatible:

Xylem’s DSG Density Meters are designed with on-board data protection, electronic signatures (including multi-verification), and compliance without and intermediate PC comes as standard.

Peltier Temperature Control:

All DSG Density Meter models are fitted with Peltier temperature control, allowing for smart automatic corrections to be made. Rapid temperature stabilization gives accurate results within 20 seconds. 

Excellent Reproducibility:

The Density Meters utilize the oscillating U-tube principle. Using a secondary oscillator allows the instrument to monitor and adapt to long-term instrument drifts and environmental influences.

Strong air pump for thorough cleaning:

A powerful internal air pump and integrated desiccant remove the need for external devices for venting after cleaning, removing clutter from precious bench space.

Standard Leur connectors:

Standard Leur connectors prevent leaks from affecting accuracy of test results.


METHODS are a simple way to get the results you require, fast. This system simplifies the process by means of four separate values:

  • Density
  • Density + Specific Gravity (SG)
  • Density + Brix
  • Density + Ethanol %vol/vol + Density


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools