Committed to energy-efficient pumping solutions

Committed to energy-efficient pumping solutions

UN World Water Day, celebrated every year on March 22, helps focus the attention of the world on the crucial importance of water. The theme for 2014 is water and energy. Read on to learn about Xylem’s energy-efficient pumping solutions for its customers.

Water and energy are closely interlinked. Water is used for energy generation and transmission – particularly for hydroelectric, nuclear and thermal energy sources. Meanwhile, the energy required to pump, treat and transport water corresponds to eight percent of world’s total energy generation.

For Xylem, energy efficiency is a top priority when developing products across all market segments. Energy-efficient products allow customers to save on their utility bills, while helping them comply with increasingly strict energy-reduction regulations. Furthermore, these products place less demand on energy companies to produce electricity or fuel, which, in turn, reduces their greenhouse gas emissions.

Xylem has developed several diagnostic tools, services and products for pumping systems that focus on bringing energy levels down and reliability up. Find out how you can benefit here:

1. Energy savings calculator

This calculator enables customers to explore potential energy savings by comparing their existing pump system data with what could be offered by a Flygt Experior solution. By combining N-technology, premium efficiency motors and the intelligent control SmartRun, Flygt Experior has been proven to deliver unbeatable wastewater pumping, along with energy savings of up to 50 percent – compared with a conventional wastewater pump system with an on/off control.
Check your potential energy savings here.

2. TotalCare inspection and auditing services
Xylem’s experts are always available to help customers identify ways to reduce the energy consumption of their existing equipment without compromising efficiency and reliability. A TotalCare Condition Audit makes use of easy-to-gather information to help customers determine if their pumping system is performing according to design specifications, and provides a first indication about the potential to save energy. The more comprehensive TotalCare Energy Audit assesses the overall energy efficiency of the pumping system. Xylem gathers and analyzes all available data, identifies areas for improvement, calculates potential energy savings and presents a detailed report with recommendations to optimize energy use and an action plan for implementing energy-saving measures.
Read more about TotalCare Inspection & Auditing Services here.

3. Life-cycle assessments (LCAs)
Xylem uses LCAs to measure the environmental impact of its products – all the way from the extraction of raw materials necessary to build the product to its ultimate disposal. These LCAs have indicated that approximately 90 percent of the environmental impact takes place in the user phase. Xylem has developed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for eleven of its high-volume products, verified by global, independent certification body Det Norske Veritas.
Find out more about life-cycle assessments.

4. Innovative, energy-efficient technologies
The most compelling proof that Xylem helps its customers use less energy comes from the actual sites where its products are in use.

Heathrow Airport, UK
According to a study conducted by Heathrow Airport’s Water Services Department, Xylem’s Flygt Experior solution has halved the station’s energy consumption and eliminated the need for maintenance call-outs since its installation in January 2013.
Energy use cut by 50 percent at Heathrow pumping station.

Lake Como, Italy
Last year, wastewater company Comodepur in Lake Como, Italy, installed Flygt Experior on a “Try and Buy” basis. After three months in operation, the solution had delivered energy savings of 27 percent with no clogging or blockage issues.
Pumping station cuts energy use by 27 percent.

Cagliari, Italy
When Sardinian water and wastewater company Tecnocasic was looking for a more sustainable, energy-efficient pumping solution, it chose Flygt Experior. At the end of the first six months, the reduction in energy consumption was as high as 35 percent.
Pumping solution cuts costs in Italy.


Xylem Watermark

Xylem is also committed to providing and protecting safe water resources in communities around the world. Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s corporate citizenship and social investment program, has so far has reached more than 2.3 million people through school and community water projects, disaster response, and disaster risk reduction projects. Read more about Xylem’s mission to end water scarcity here.

Happy World Water Day!

by Simon