A floating pump station has improved the water supply for irrigation in Azerbaijan while reducing environmental impact. Xylem’s Flygt LL 3400 pumps increased productivity by 20 percent and lowered electricity costs by 30 percent.

The lowland region of Sabirabad, Azerbaijan, relies on irrigation provided by floating, pontoon-style pump stations along the Kura River. In early 2016, Kaskad-Hidro LLC, an organization affiliated to Azerbaijan Amelioration and Water Management OJSC, decided to upgrade one of its floating pump stations in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Designing and installing a customized solution

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Kaskad-Hidro LLC trialed the Flygt pumps at its Kura River pumping station and was impressed with the results. The company commissioned Xylem to design and install a customized solution.

Xylem provided its renowned Flygt LL 3400 pumps, a submersible, mixed flow pump used in a variety of applications. It is used in land drainage and irrigation systems, sewage treatment plants, storm water stations and other applications requiring large volumes of water to be pumped.

“We considered various options and weighed up a number of proposed solutions before deciding to select Xylem’s Flygt pumps,” says Zakir Aslanov, Director at Kaskad-Hidro LLC. “Having carefully studied existing projects and taking expert opinion into account, we came to the conclusion that Xylem offered the best solution. While the capital expenditure associated with the Flygt pumps was somewhat higher than other options, we will be compensated for this initial outlay in terms of decreased operating costs and overall increased efficiency of the floating station.”

Benefits of the Flygt LL 3000 pump range

The Flygt LL 3400 pumps are part of the Flygt LL 3000 submersible pump range. This robust and reliable pump range has a small footprint due to its compact motor and pump unit. In addition, there is no requirement for an external cooling system or separate lubrication system.

Like all Flygt submersible column pumps, the Flygt LL 3000 pumps range enables the construction of low-cost pumping stations that do not require any superstructure. Flygt LL 3000 pumps are typically installed in a vertical discharge tube and completely submerged, with no anchoring necessary as the weight of the pump is sufficient to keep it in place.

This arrangement provides the simplest possible installation. The pump is just lowered into the discharge tube by hoist or crane and retrieved in the same fashion for quick connection and disconnection during inspection.

Increased productivity and lowered costs

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The redesigned pumping station for Kaskad-Hidro LLC was a success, increasing productivity by 20 percent and decreasing operating costs by 30 percent. Kaskad-Hidro LLC now plans to purchase additional LL 3400 pumps for use at its other applications, including sewage treatment plants and land drainage operations.

“We plan on using Flygt pumps in other regions of Azerbaijan in the future – four new pump stations are currently planned,” says Aslanov. “As well as improved performance, the Flygt pumps are very easy to service and maintain.”

Cleaner water for aquatic life

Larissa Lindström, Sales Area Manager East Europe Export at Xylem, says that the Flygt pumps in the pumping station also help keep the environment cleaner.

“The old pumps used in the floating pump station often leaked oil into the river water,” she says. “The solution we have created, with the Flygt LL 3400 pumps and a redesign of the floating pump station itself, will significantly benefit local aquatic life.”