A new clean-water pumping system from Xylem has enabled Laïta, a large-scale dairy cooperative in France, to increase production, ensure high quality and lower energy costs.

The agri-food industry, and in particular dairy products, is one of the pillars of the economy in north-west France. The Laïta dairy cooperative has seven locations in the country and includes three dairy companies: Even, Terrena and Triskalia. Laïta specializes in the collection, processing and marketing of dairy products, for brands such as Paysan Breton and Régilait.

Laïta recently decided to extend its production line for milk processing at its Landerneau site. They needed a solution that would provide the production line with water for cleaning. The solution needed to be able to handle a large variation in flow, at a constant pressure, and in the most cost-efficient way. BEI, a contractor for Laïta, called on Xylem to study, design and recommend a solution for the project.

The advantage of variable speed pumping

Xylem’s solution involved two Lowara booster sets equipped with Hydrovar variable speed drives, which enables water to be transported at the required pressure and flow rate throughout the production line.

By choosing a variable speed solution, Laïta ensured the solution would also be energy efficient. The solution consists of one booster set of seven pumps and a second set of four pumps. The variable speed option allows pumping from 10 cubic meters per hour to 360 cubic meters per hour with a constant pressure of 3.5 bars.

Constant pressure is ensured by the Hydrovar variable speed drives fitted to the pumps.

In case of pump failure, Hydrovar automatically switches over to another pump. If the Hydrovar fails, it can bypass itself so that the pump will still run.

Reliable products and experience

Both BEI and Laïta are pleased with the success of the project and the results of the installation.

“We quickly turned to Xylem to execute this project because of the company’s expertise in pumping,” says Pascal Saint Laurent, Director of BEI. “The reliability of Xylem’s products, their technical support, and the responsiveness of its teams are key assets.”

The new system has enabled Laïta’s site to increase production and meet strict hygiene standards by adopting modern stainless steel equipment. It also ensures excellent quality, controls water consumption, and reduces energy consumption and costs.