Wedeco Wipers



Product Features
  • Chemical-free mechanical cleaning system
  • Electrically or pneumatically actuated (subject to UV system selected)
  • Very easy replacement, no special tools needed (see video)
  • Long lifetime (typical 2 years)

In order to ensure a stable UVC transmission and safe disinfection, and to minimize energy loss, the quartz sleeves protecting the UV lamps should be kept clean at all times. Even under challenging conditions, this is achieved with the Wedeco chemical-free wiper solution, ensuring optimal performance of the entire UV system.

Xylem offers two cleaning alternatives for UV quartz sleeves:


Wedeco OptiWipe

Wedeco OptiBrush


Combination of PTFE and fluoroelastomer (FPM) wiper rings

Combination of PTFE wiper ring and stainless steel brush

Availability for which products

All Wedeco UV products with (optional) wiping system



Applicable for all water qualities

Especially effective at wastewater effluents with a high inorganic fouling potential