MJK Chatter™ Datalogger

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Data Logger with Integrated Modem

Chatter™ Data Logger is designed for monitoring drinking water and waste water installations. Chatter has a built-in multichannel data logger, a GSM / GPRS modem and a battery ensuring up to 5 - 10 years of continuous operation.

The Chatter™ Data Logger is available in two different versions: one for pipe mounting and one for wall mount.

Product Features
  • Transmits data and alarms to standard SQL database using GSM/GPRS network
  • Transmits data and alarms to SCADA systems using Modbus® RTU protocol over GSM/GPRS network
  • Data transmission by e-mail to up to four e-mail addresses:
  • Data directly in the mail body
  • Data as attached CSV file in the mail.
  • Data file can be displayed by Chatter Link PC software
  • Transmits live data and alarms as SMS message to up to four recipients
  • Alarms can be sent alone or along with other communication as SMS.

Chatter data logger provides a vandalism alarm, sending an SMS in case of an intruder. This is often used to protect the Chatter devices placed in forests, or similar places. But the alarm function has also proven popular with water works, providing additional security on their invaluable resources.

Chatter Datalogger Applications:

  • Measuring levels, pressure, temparature, flow and more paramateres in wells, boreholes, sewers and rivers or lakes
  • Ground water level monitoring. Chatter™ Data Logger is especially useful in places without main power supply, as it is developed for having a very long lifespan on the built-in battery.
  • Storm flow logging, activated by level-trigger or analog limit.
  • Logging of amount, durance and time of storm flows.




Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools