• MagFlux®

    Electromagnetic Flow Meters
    Stable and accurate flow measurements
    of pressurised, closed pipe systems.

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  • Expert™ Series

    Hydrostatic Level Transmitters
    Designed for immersion in open tanks,
    wet-wells, ground water and reservoirs

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MagFlux® 7100


MJK MagFlux Flow Meter

The MagFlux® 7100 electromagnetic sensor comes with a PTFE-Liner, which has a very low degree of friction. This means that the electromagnetic flowmeter is resitant to many types of chemicals and is suitable for measurement in pipes with hot liquids.

MagFlux 7100 Flow Meter

MagFlux® 7200


MJK MagFlux Flow Meter

The MagFlux® 7200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter has high stability and accuracy making the unit suitable for various flow measurements in water. The MagFlux® 7200 sensor is produced with a hard rubber liner; it can be used to measure flow in electrically conductive liquids in filled, closed pipes.

MagFlux 7200 Flow Meter

Expert™ 1400 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter


MJK Expert 1400 Level Sensor

The Expert 1400 has a ceramic capacitive sensor, with a precision of +/- 0.1% and a 22mm transmitter, is ideal for water borings and construction sites to monitor groundwater and prevent damage. The ATEX and UL approved Expert 1400 is used in explosive environments, water borings, drinking water tanks, and high-precision process water applications.

Expert 1400 Level Transmitter

Expert™ 7060 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

MJK Expert 1400 Level Sensor

The Expert 7060 provides accurate measurements by compensating for temperature changes and atmospheric pressure, making it ideal for wastewater, process water, and drinking water. It excels in monitoring tanks, reservoirs, and pumping stations, and is suitable for waterworks, wastewater, and industrial installations.

Expert 7060 Level Transmitter