EBI 20 Series Ebro EBI 20-TF Temperature Data Logger (Food-Logger)

SKU: 1601-0010A
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ebro EBI 20-TF Temperature Data Logger (Food-Logger) with external probe up to +100 °C (+212 °F).

ebro EBI 20-TF Temperature Dat Logger Set available:
Includes data logger with external probe up to +100 °C (+212 °F), evaluation software & interface

Product Features
  • Temperature measurment range: 0 °C ... +100 °C (+32 °F ... +212 °F)
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Automatic recording of temperature data
  • Stores 8 000 readings, can be read off at any time
  • No network connection required
  • Programming and evaluation with PC
  • Waterproof
  • LED alarm
  • Min/max values on display
  • Software conforms to FDA 21 Part 11

All EBI 20 data loggers are delivered with a factory calibration certificate and a user replaceable battery. The data loggers are particularly attractive because of their excellent price-performance ratio.


  • Transport monitoring
  • Storage monitoring
  • Process monitoring


  • Interface EBI 20-IF Read-Write Device
    Interface for data loggers EBI-20-T / EBI-20-TH / EBI-20-TE
    The interface (read-write device) is required for programming the data loggers. This interface is controlled via the Universal Serial Bus (USB cable) to the PC and power it from there.
  • EBI 20-WM Wall Bracket for EBI 20


  • Winlog.light Software - Universal software for ebro data loggers
  • Winlog.pro Software - General software for programming and evaluation of ebro data loggers
  • Winlog.basic Software - Free Software
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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