Livewell Circulation

Because there's nothing more fun than going fishing

From just casually fishing for dinner to competing in a catch-and-release tournament, having a livewell or bait tank is the best way to keep fish and bait alive. Livewells for bait come in two main types: tanks and tubes. Livewell tanks are far more common, but tuna tubes are necessary for keeping large marlin bait like Spanish mackerel and skipjacks. Whether you're using tubes or tanks, the single most important factor affecting your bait's health is water flow. If your flow is insufficient, your bait will die from lack of oxygen. If it's too strong, your bait will die of exhaustion while fighting the artificial current. To keep different species of bait alive, you need a variable, aerated water flow.

However you use a livewell, the heart of the entire system is the livewell pump. Our easy-to-install Rule livewell/baitwell circulation pumps are built on unsurpassed quality and leadership in pump design and technology. The innovative design incorporates a range of convenient features, including a quick, one-hand push-button motor cartridge removal system and threaded nylon hose barb attachments for various hose mounting options.

Our livewell pumps for boats are available in 500 gallons per hour (GPH) (1895 liters per hour (LPH)), 800 GPH (3027 LPH) and 1100 GPH (4162 LPH), plus 1600 GPH (6056 LPH) non-cartridge models, and are fitted for transom or seacock mounting options.

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