Salt Lake City, UT (USA) select ozone disinfection to reach the required additional 0,5-log removal of Giardia and comply to local water regulation

Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Challenge: The demographic growth in Salt Lake City and requirement to comply to new protozoa disinfection standards drive the local municipality to replace their current system (i.e. powdered activated carbon filter and chlorination disinfection) and invest in more performant disinfection technologies.

Solution: Installation of two Wedeco PDO 7000 ozone generators, sized at 1700 kg per day (ppd), offer significantly more capacity than initially needed. The system is designed to dose up to 3.5 parts per million (ppm) ozone during T&O events.

Benefits:  The offered ozone technology allowed to reach the required additional 0, 5-log removal of Giardia and comply to local water regulation.  The efficiency of the new system also allowed decreasing the power use by 20%, the oxygen needs by 30 folds and same more than 5millions Euros in investments.

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