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WQMS Water Quality Monitoring System



Product Features
  • Monitor temperature, DO, pH, conductivity, and 5 additional parameters at the same time
  • High quality, rugged sensors
  • Battery powered for remote locations
  • User-friendly WindowsTM and WindowsTM CE-based PDA software included
  • Four sample modes: timed, 10 times per second, logarithmic, and exception
  • Both USB and serial communication ports
  • Rugged, lockable, weather resistant enclosure

Global Water's WQMS Water Quality Monitoring System allows you to monitor multiple water quality parameters with a fully integrated, easy to use, economical system.  The standard Water Quality Monitoring System includes our multichannel datalogger (featuring 7 analog channels and 2 digital channels for data recording) and four of our rugged 4-20 mA water quality sensors for measuring water temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen.  To customize the Water Quality Monitoring System for your application, you can select up to three more analog sensors and up to two digital sensors to monitor additional parameters such as turbidity, ORP, water level, wind speed/direction, rainfall, and more. 

Smart Water Quality Data Recorder
The Water Quality Monitoring System's water quality data recorder features 7 analog channels, 2 pulse channels, and USB and serial communication ports.  The durable and powerful datalogger is enclosed within a sturdy weatherproof case.  The Water Quality Monitoring System's datalogger will operate for several months before its internal 12VDC battery requires recharging. 

Powerful PC and PDA Software
The WQMS Water Quality Monitoring System includes WindowsTM-based Global Logger II software, which makes accessing stored data and setting options easy.  The software provides many useful features, such as real time readout, measurement interval and engineering unit selection, station ID setting, and sensor calibration.  The WQMS Water Quality Monitoring System also includes WindowsTM CE based PDA software for simple data collection in the field.  Data downloaded from the recorder can easily be opened in any PC spreadsheet program for analysis and graphic presentation.  NOTE: The Palm operating system is NOT supported.  

Rugged Water Quality Monitoring System Sensors
The WQMS Water Quality Monitoring System comes standard with four rugged and reliable 4-20 mA water quality sensors, including our water temperature sensor, pH sensor, conductivity sensor (with a 0 to 5000µS range standard), and dissolved oxygen sensor.  Each sensor is mounted on 25 ft of marine-grade cable, with lengths up to 500 ft available by special order.  The sensors' electronics are completely encapsulated in marine-grade epoxy within a stainless steel housing.  Each sensor outputs a 4-20 mA signal.  For more information on the WQ101, WQ201, WQ301, and WQ401 go to our water quality sensors page. 

Remote Communication Options
To add remote communication capabilities, select the GL500-Mod Modem Package for telephone modem communications (see Options & Prices) or the RM100 for radio communications.  We also offer solar panels and a battery charger to support your WQMS installation.  See the Options & Prices section below for additional information. 

Customize for Your Application
To customize your WQMS, you can select up to three additional analog sensors and two digital sensors from Global Water's line of rugged water quality, weather, level, and flow sensors.  Please see Options & Prices below and the sensors in the water quality and weather section of our catalog for additional information.  If you require a unique water quality monitoring system to meet the needs of your specific application, Global Water can work with you to design a factory-integrated custom system.  Please contact Global Water regarding this option.