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PHOTOLAB Portable Spectrophotometers



Product Features

Portable Spectrophotometers for measuring a wide variety of samples in the lab or field.

  • Wavelengths from 190 - 1100 nm
  • Innovative optics
  • Intuitive operating
  • Extensive analytical quality assurance (AQA)

The photoLab series portable spectrophotometers for the VIS and UV/VIS range offer the unique combination of systematic and spectral analytics with analytical quality assurance (AQA) and the convenience provided by the filter photometer.  Thanks to state-of-the-art technology all photoLab portable spectrophotometer models have optimized operation handling - fast, direct and intuitive.  The portable spectrophotometers offer menu navigation through all applications, large backlit graphic display for concise operation with the structured menu and graphical evaluation, and direct access to standard functions such as menu related settings, dilution, quotation mode via function keys.  The portable spectrophotometers also offer selection tables for convenient method selection and searchable fields for data, parameters and methods.  The photoLab portable spectrophotometers feature data filters for selective measuring data set choices and use a USB connector for all data transfers. 

Portable Spectrophotometers - Systematic Analysis
photoLab portable spectrophotometers are used for routine measurement with standard test kits.  It is important that the portable spectrophotometers perform these routine measurements rapidly, precisely, and transfer the data without errors.  photoLab series portable spectrophotometers were designed with these requirements in mind and offer features such as AutoCheck for high precision, automatic cuvette recognition for fast and effective handling, combining round and rectangular cuvette slots, integrated barcode recognition for cuvettes with elimination of cuvette failure and prompt start of measurements, and more than 150 methods for commercial test kits. 

Portable Spectrophotometers - Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA)
The instrument supported Analytical Quality Assurance has become a must for all industry branches, in order to guarantee plausible and correct measuring results.  The photoLab series portable spectrophotometers support the AQA for checking the instrument and individual routine measurements.  The portable spectrophotometers offer administration of user groups for larger laboratory environments including administrative, user and guest profiles.  Other features of the portable spectrophotometer's AQA sysem include setting calibration intervals for the spectrophotometer, grey filter and UV-VIS test standards, and PhotoCheck, an instrument linearity check at 3 wavelengths and 4 measuring points.  The portable spectrophotometer's AQA can be switched on or off. 

Portable Spectrophotometers - Mobile Operation
The portable spectrophotometer's regular operation place is the laboratory, although it can be quite practical at some times, when an instrument can also be operated on-site at a measuring station.  The light-weight and easy to handle photoLab portable spectrophotometer models enable this mobile operation.  The most important factors to ensure that your portable spectrophotometers measure correctly is careful transportation, a protected measuring venue, and a good measuring preparation procedure especially with regard to the heating period and zeroing after transportation!  Besides the transportation case, the portable spectrophotometer accessories include a 12 V adapter cable for a common car storage battery. 

Why use the portable spectrophotometers?
Spectral analytics is especially dedicated for studies of (unknown) substances, development of methods (testing programs) and for optimizing testing systems: ie. To determine the maximum absorption and therefore the suitable wavelength for test systems, spectra are run over a wide wavelength range on the portable spectrophotometer.  This allows the user to identify the highest and most suitable absorption wavelength.  Additionally, tests such as enzyme kinetics or multi-wavelength measurements, can also be processed. 

Portable spectrophotometer brewery application
The brewery application package for the portable spectrophotometer includes standard methods according to MEBAK/EBC for photometric measurement of all common parameters, from bitterness to photometric iodine tests.  The brewery methods are uploaded directly to the portable spectrophotometer via USB flash drive.  The new portable spectrophotometer tests are immediately available for your use.  The photometric measurements are easy to run using easy to follow instructions on the portable spectrophotometer's large digital display.