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A-100NV Digital Peristaltic Pumps



Product Features

Digital peristaltic pumps for industrial chemical metering applications.

  • Low maintenance peristaltic design
  • Handles liquids with higher viscosities and solids content
  • Precise variable speed control
  • Automatically detects a tube failure and disables pump

The A-100NV digital peristaltic pumps are loaded with features that make them the ideal choice for a variety of water, wastewater and industrial chemical metering applications.  The A-100NV's low maintenance digital peristaltic pump design is naturally clog resistant and self priming - even against the maximum rated line pressure.  The digital peristaltic pumps have a de-gassing design which eliminates gas or air accumulation and also prevents vapor lock or losing it's priming, so no bypass system is required.  Higher viscosity liquids up to 5,000 cps are easily handled by the digital peristaltic metering pumps, as are liquids with up to 50% solids content. 

The user friendly touch pad and bright LCD display make the A-100NV digital peristaltic pumps easy to operate with service and alarm indicator icons, motor speed or input signal values, and a prime mode for quick priming without program changes.  The precise, variable speed feed rate of the digital peristaltic metering pumps may be externally controlled by a 4-20 mA or pulse/frequency signal from a flowmeter, PLC or process control device. 

These pumps include an exclusive Tube Failure Detection system (TFD), which senses chemical in the digital peristaltic pump head, shuts off the peristaltic pump and activates an alarm relay (dry contact closure).  The digital peristaltic pump's TFD system is able to detect a wide range of chemicals (ie. chlorine, acids, soaps, etc.).  This exclusive technology was designed to disregard digital peristaltic pump compatible fluids; such as water and lubricants.  If there is a rupture in the digital peristaltic pump's tube, and a chemical is detected in pump head, the peristaltic pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay, permitting communications with external equipment, such as an alarm or a SCADA system.  The digital peristaltic pumps are also compatible with output flow verification sensor system that can shut down the pump and alert you if chemical stops flowing for any reason. 

Built to last, the A-100NV digital peristaltic pumps are housed in a weatherproof NEMA 2 housing and have a continuous-duty motor with advanced cooling to ensure a long service life. 

All digital peristaltic pumps ship with 2 pump tubes, 10 ft (3 m) of suction and discharge tubing, suction strainer/foot valve with ceramic weight and an injection/check valve assembly.