Let’s see how unlocking data can optimize wastewater network performance

Today’s utility managers are expected to make informed operational decisions and investments in infrastructure, often without clear visibility into the systems they operate. These challenges present a host of real-time and long-term risks to the community, environment, and internal operations and spending. To solve complex wastewater network problems more efficiently, utilities require actionable insights based on their live, dynamic conditions.

The path to optimized wastewater network performance

In order to have a truly optimized system, visibility is key. Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua’s SSO/CSO Prediction and Prevention provides visibility into a utility’s complex environment, allowing managers to monitor flow in real-time, predict future activity, and apply actionable, data-driven intelligence to optimize system capacity utilization, reduce combined sewer overflows and flooding events.

Why choose SSO/CSO Prediction and Prevention?

  • Better utilize hydraulic capacity - Increase hydraulic capacity while minimizing the need for capital improvements and investment
  • Provide great customer service - Improve levels of service and customer satisfaction with better system visibility and control.
  • Achieve and showcase compliance with regulatory obligations - Achieve and demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations.

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