Deep Water (>200m)

Over the years the oceanographic product portfolios have undergone an evolution and the range of products have been broadened substantially. Today the oceanographic products are utilizing the newest technology comprising, among others, the most powerful microcontrollers and digital signal processors. Advanced software solutions and powerful processors are utilized in the data loggers, and XML– and modern Bus technology give safe and fast data transfer. Sensors are utilizing the most advanced multi-frequency acoustic technology as well as optical technology.

Xylems instruments and sensors are used world-wide within oceanography, by surveyors, within hydrography and by oceanographic – and climate researchers and many others.

The most important product areas are:

  • Current meters
  • Current Profilers
  • Submersible sensors comprising:
  • Wave- and tide sensors
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Sensor strings with data loggers
  • Ocean Observotories