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Product Features
  • Two removable stainless steel funnel screens
  • Rustproof, powder painted aluminum enclosure and cast base
  • Anodized aluminum or stainless steel internal parts
  • Magnetic reed bucket tip sensor
  • Internal leveling mechanism with ‘bulls-eye’ level

YSI H-3401 is a precision tipping bucket rain gauge used in hydrometeorological applications. Each gauge is calibrated at a rate of 10 mm
(4 in) per hour. Maintain accuracy at increased rates of rainfall ranging from
635 mm (0-25 in) per hour. The H-3401 series is available in 0.01 in, 0.1 mm,
and 0.2 mm resolution ranges.

Whether you're new at rain measurement technology or know the systems like the back of your hand, you'll love the features of the SDI-12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (H-3401)—such as the built-in microprocessor that automatically corrects errors. It also has a magnetic reed bucket tip sensor and an internal leveling mechanism with a 'bulls-eye' level to ensure high accuracy data. The Rain Gauge is available in .01 in., 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm resolution ranges.

SDI-12 Output Data Parameters:

  1. Accumulated rainfall since last measurement
  2. Raw bucket count since last measurement
  3. Total accumulation
  4. Total daily accumulation (today)
  5. Total daily accumulation (yesterday)
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools