WTW pH 298 Analog Field Monitor

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The WTW pH 298 monitor is an economical and metrologically flexible solution for use in the field. Consequent galvanic separation of all outputs. 

Product Features
  • Analog controller/transmitter for pH/ORP measurement
  • Low and high ohm pH input
  • Reliable measurements by automatic temperature compensation with NTC, Pt100 or Pt1000
  • With integrated PID control function
  • For specific drinking water electrodes SenTix® ML 70 (ORP)

The pH 298 is equipped with a low and a high ohm signal input. Thus, the monitor not only can be operated with WTW SensoLyt® measuring probes/electrodes and WTW ProcessLine® electrodes. If the adapted probes are not equipped with an integrated NTC sensor, you can connect any NTC, Pt100/Pt1000 sensors to measure temperature and for automatic temperature compensation.

Model Variations

pH 298 NTC - analog trasmitter pH/ORP, NTC, 230V
pH 298 NTC/24V - analog transmitter pH/ORP, NTC, 24V
pH 298 Pt100 - analog transmitter pH/ORP, Pt100, 230V
pH 298 Pt100 - analog transmitter pH/ORP, Pt100, 24V
pH 298 Pt1000 - analog transmitter pH/ORP, Pt1000, 230V
pH 298 Pt1000/24V



*) Please note: The permitted operating voltage of the sensor can vary considerably

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools