YSI WL430 Sewage Lift Station Wastewater Level Sensor

SKU: AP0100
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Submersible Wastewater Level Sensor

The Sewage Lift Station Wastewater Level Sensor's "Steel Cage" design offers the highest reliability in level measurement for severe high solids environments such as sewage, sludge level, lift/pump station sewage level, oil and gas industry, storm canals, wet wells, slurry tanks, and more.

Product Features
  • Enhanced internal surge and lightning protection
  • Life-Time Surge Warranty Replacement Program when partnered with the AP0300 Surge Protector
  • Flush clog-free sensor; 316L SST
  • Enhanced internal EMI and RFI disturbance protection
  • 2.5 inch sensing diaphragm
  • Vented cable for automatic barometric compensation
  • Double-sealed submersible cable exit
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 4-20 mA (0-5 VDC optional upon request)
  • CSA, CE, and/or ATEX/IEC certified. Optional FM/CSA hazardous approvals available upon request.

The wastewater level transmitter system consists of a submersible pressure sensing element cased in a 316L SST housing. The lift station wastewater level sensor's electronics are capable of withstanding lightning strikes and meet RCTA/DO 160D for lightning direct effects and surge protection for FAA and MIL-STD test and NASA standard electrical surge requirements. All Sewage Lift Station Wastewater Level Sensors are corrosion resistant and clog free.

The lift station wastewater level transmitter's unique cable venting system allows for barometric pressure differential compensation while keeping the elements out, using a Gortex filter encapsulated tip. The "Steelcage" design gives full protection and allows sensing to sewage levels no matter how much debris/mud/sand or rags build up.      




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