MJK Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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Intelligent ultrasonic level meter

MJK Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is a stable and intelligent level transmitter which requires minimum maintenance. It's mainly used in wastewater wells, sewer wells and drinking water reservoirs. The Shuttle is also used to measure water levels in harbors, canals etc. 

The Shuttle works with a very low spread of the ultrasonic beam, which eases the installation process. Thanks to the wizard and a clear symbolic display, Shuttle is simple to use and install.

The two built-in relays can be used as a level/system alarm or pump controller.

Product Features
  • Flexibiltiy - The large sensor program allows selection of a sensor that fits your needs
  • Intelligent - The built-in learning function lets Shuttle note the characteristics of the well. This avoids false echos
  • Compact - The converter has a very small footprint which eases the installation
  • Sensor Beam - The low spread of the sensor beam enables mounting even close to the wall of the well.
  • Usage in harsh environements - The ultrasonic beam is shot from a distance, which makes the Shuttle a well-working solution also in case of corrosive or chemical content just as well as drinking water.
  • Wide selection of measurement ranges - Depending on the sensor, the measuring range differs from 0-10cm up to 0-25m.
  • Easy readable LCD display - Get instant readings of distance to surface, strength of signal, current alarms and more.

Waste Water

The MJK Shuttle’s intelligent microprocessor-controlled converter is equipped with a learning function which eliminates false echoes from the well.

Measuring without contact is perfect for liquids containing contaminated and aggressive chemicals, or liquids with high concentration of suspended solids or sludge.

The built-in relays can be used as level or alarm signals or as pump controller.

The selection of sensors allows the Shuttle to be installed in many different applications such as sewage water pumping stations, wells, storm flow constructions or in the inlet of waste water plants.

From the large clear LCD display, the measured value can be read easily and transferred as a 4-20 mA signal to RTU or SCADA systems.

Drinking Water

Shuttle is measuring drinking water levels in the basin, without physical contact with the measured drinking water.

From the large clear LCD display the measured value can be read easily and transferred as a 4-20 mA signal to RTU or SCADA systems.

Ask your MJK consultant for the right ultrasonic sensor for your application




Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools