A powerful pump in a slim package

A powerful pump in a slim package

The brand-new Flygt Slimline propeller pump series from Xylem has been specially designed to handle large volumes of water at low heads. These self-cleaning axial flow pumps require less space and maintenance while providing higher efficiency and enhanced clog resistance. Read on to find out how it’s done.

The Flygt Slimline propeller pump series was designed in response to growing market demand for smaller high-flow, low-head pumps for use in applications such as storm water and flood control, open-channel irrigation and wastewater treatment plant pumping. The pumps are equipped to handle anything from clean water to the most challenging wastewater.

“I believe this product range will set a new standard in fluid dynamics,” says Xylem’s Global Marketing Director for large pumps, Stefan Abelin. “We know that the cost of moving water has a major impact on the total operating costs of a facility. The Flygt Slimline pumps will enable customers to reduce their costs, while maximizing the performance and efficiency of their pump stations.”

Sustained high efficiency

Part of the high efficiency of the Slimline pumps is due to the propeller’s optimized load distribution. The propeller blades also feature patented N-technology with the backswept design of the leading edge. This sweeps debris away from the propeller, while the specially designed guide vanes help drive the debris out of the pump housing.

“Our revolutionary N-technology is currently in use in more than 300,000 installations worldwide,” says Abelin. “Research has shown that pumps equipped with N-technology are significantly more cost effective than other types of pumps, due to their superior efficiency and clog resistance.”

Slim design and lower costs

The small profile of the new Flygt Slimline series also ensures ease of installation and lower construction costs. The pumps require smaller discharge column sizes, which means that pump stations can be built smaller. This minimizes construction costs – as a smaller pump station requires less investment, in terms of excavation, concrete and labor costs.

Flygt’s application engineers are also on hand to support customers with everything from pump selection to pump-station design and expertise, in order to ensure that any problems that do arise are addressed in accordance with the demands and constraints of each unique project.

“With more than 100 years of accumulated expertise in the water and wastewater pump business, Xylem is constantly looking for new ways of developing the most innovative solutions for its customers,” says Stefan Abelin. “Regardless of whether the Slimline propeller pumps are being used continuously or intermittently, for clean or contaminated water, this new range of pumps provides all the dynamics needed to move volumes – effectively and reliably.”

by Isabelle Kliger