New dewatering handbook app

New dewatering handbook app

People of the world are now more mobile than ever before, and they need to be able to connect with essential information on the move. This is why Xylem has created a new app that gives its customers access to all the key data about the company’s dewatering capabilities and products directly via their iPhones or iPads, and soon their Android devices.

Xylem’s brand-new dewatering handbook app can now be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. It contains a wealth of useful data, including global product information for Godwin and Flygt, with details of models, specifications, pictures and accessories, as well as Best Efficiency Point (BEP) performance curves for the Godwin Dri-Prime pump range.

The app also features calculators and converters, which can be used in the field to calculate and analyze crucial parameters, such as friction loss, pressure, power, flow, temperature and atmospheric pressure.

“We designed this app to offer a user-friendly and interactive mobile experience to our customers,” says Fredrik Holm, Communication Manager for Xylem’s global dewatering business. “Regardless of whether you want to buy or rent, the dewatering app will enable you quickly to select our pumps and find the Xylem location closest to you using your mobile device.”

The app is designed to work offline to accommodate Xylem’s underground mining customers and to ensure it can deliver detailed product information on the most remote jobsites. “The simple truth is that customers these days want information to be as mobile as they are,” says Holm. “This is our way of delivering essential information to customers in a handy, easy-to-access format.”

The app also contains additional functionality that requires a working WiFi connection. This includes “sharing” features, such as the option to email product information or directions to a colleague, along with the “About us” menu, containing a variety of Xylem dewatering videos.

The Xylem Dewatering app was launched for iPhone and iPad users at the end of last year in English. Going forward, it will gradually be translated into other languages.


Click here to download the Xylem Dewatering app


by Isabelle Kliger