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Product Features
  • Complete overview of all your assets
  • Always up-to-date
  • Available anywhere on any device
  • Personalised environment

XDM gives you better insight into all your installations. Managing work processes, maintenance and malfunctions becomes much more efficient with this asset management tool. Various functionalities are available in XDM:

  • Passport with data of installations
  • Work processes for maintenance and malfunctions
  • Risk-based maintenance of installations
  • Special module for mechanics
  • Management and reporting

These options ensure you have a full overview of data in your installations including malfunctions, equipment data, performed and planned maintenance and relationships between assets. This allows you to manage your installations more efficiently and take action when required.

All data including financial figures can be viewed directly in a clear report. The data in XDM can even help you create your long-term budgets.

All functions within XDM have been developed together with our customers, creating a user-friendly tool that fits in perfectly with your needs.

With XDM you can save up to 27% on maintenance costs. 

All this data results in a dynamic maintenance plan. Therefore unnecessary maintenance is minimized and extra focus is placed on installations where required. This allows engineers to get working straight away on site thanks to all the information available about the installation and equipment. 

  • One dashboard with a complete overview of all your assets and installations.
  • Real-time status of installations, reports of malfunctions and insight into the planning and activities.
  • Log in with any (mobile) device, from the office or a service bus. XDM is a web-based tool and easily accessible.
  • Customise to your own working methods and personal preferences.
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