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Digital Solutions BLU-X™ Wastewater Network Optimization

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Product Features

A system built for continuous learning — The ability to develop a digital twin for a utility that will autonomously learn and adapt is the cornerstone of Xylem’s BLU-X Wastewater Network Optimization technology.

A glass box, not a black box — Digital solutions often operate as “black boxes”, offering little transparency into their processes. Xylem gives utilities direct insight into the functionality of its data collection and integration process.

Combined data acquisition and analytics — The power of Xylem’s BLU-X Wastewater Network Optimization platform does not come from simply integrating and collecting data, but from the ability to provide utilities with insights derived from that data that drive outcomes.

BLU-XTM is a smart, end-to-end wastewater platform that helps utilities optimize wastewater networks and operations at significantly lower cost.

Sewer overflows are a growing problem for cities around the world. With more severe rain events expected due to climate change, solving this critical water challenge is more important than ever. Doing so affordably is even harder. BLU-X™ Wastewater Network Optimization technology gives a better view into the performance and capacity utilization of existing sewer system assets, allowing utility leaders to optimize levels of service while saving money, reducing risk, and protecting the environment.

Using a combination of sensors and weather data, digital twin technology, and optimization algorithms, BLU-X helps utilities drastically reduce sewer overflow (CSO/SSO), detect sewer blockages, minimize flooding events, and identify sources of infiltration and inflow (I&I) to ensure regulatory compliance by leveraging existing infrastructure.

Benefits from the Power of Decision Intelligence to Optimize Wastewater Networks

  • Reduce the need for costly gray infrastructure
  • Minimize combined and separated sewer overflow volumes and activations by balancing and optimizing wastewater networks
  • Eliminate dry weather events and decreases E. coli concentrations in watersheds
  • Clients often see between a 3X and 10X return on investment (and in many instances, substantially more)
  • A real-time decision support system gives utilities enhanced control over their wastewater network
  • Integrates with any sensor, telemetry, SCADA, GIS, or hydraulic/hydrological modeling platform on the market

"BLU-X Wastewater Network Optimization regularly achieves between 20% and 30% of overflow and flooding reduction during a typical year."


Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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Documentation & Tools



BLU-X Wastewater Network Optimization utilizes an innovative Sense-Predict-Act model that merges a combination of sensors and weather data, along with artificial intelligence, to create a real-time decision support system (RT-DSS). This provides utilities with enhanced control over their wastewater network to better manage flow and reduce discharge. By combining cutting edge digital solutions with existing operational expertise, your utility can achieve sewer overflow objectives and meet environmental goals, while saving substantially on operation and maintenance costs.


Historically, it has been challenging at best to observe actual sewer system hydraulics, particularly during wet weather events. BLU-X changes that by giving utilities a complete, real-time view into their wastewater network. This insight begins with the integration of real-time data from a network of rain gauges, level sensors, flow meters, conductivity sensors, and other existing sources into one centralized system. This “turns on the lights” and provides utilities a simple, transparent and continuously updated view of the complete sewer system.


Once the data is integrated together and the lights are on, a digital twin of the sewer system is created to forecast operating conditions by running thousands of iterations of the hydraulic and hydrological models in real time. With advanced control algorithms combined with operator input, BLU-X recommends which strategies will create optimal operating conditions for the sewer system, during both dry and wet weather events, which can either be managed by the operator or set to run automatically.


These powerful analysis tools, combined with the option of globally coordinated, automated controls, give operators one system with all the information and tools they need to make real-time operational decisions to more effectively manage the sewer system and meet the unique demands of each moment of each wet weather event.

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Harness the Power of Decision Intelligence to Optimize Your Wastewater Network

  • Rebalance and optimize sewer systems to avoid flooding
  • Reduce combined and separated sewer overflow volumes
  • Eliminate dry weather events
  • Decrease E. coli concentrations in receiving waters
  • Reduce wet weather gray infrastructure costs
  • Balance flows into wastewater treatment plants during wet and dry weather
  • Predict flows into treatment facilities for wet weather operations