Cosmos Data Logger (CDL)

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The Cosmos Data Logger (CDL) is a mobile system that records measured values from meters and sensors, independent of the mains power supply. Evaluation is performed using a regular PC and the CDLWin software that is available from Sensus.

Benefits to you

  • Records consumption profile
  • Records reservoir levels
  • Records flow rate and pressure
  • Records temperature pattern
Product Features
  • Universal event logging principle for pulses and pressure
  • Up to 4 sensors can be connected simultaneously (CDL – 4U)
  • Inputs may be used for either digital or analogue sensing devices
  • 3 independent memories (day, hour and events)
  • Data logging of bi-directional flow and positive and negative values
  • LC-Display for current values; switchable by reed switch
  • Alarm contact output
  • Compact design
  • Robust IP68 rated housing
  • Battery enclosure for standard cells (LR 6)
  • Detailed analysis with CDLWin software
  • Multilingual Software



  • Types: CDL-1U, CDL-2U, CDL-4U
  • Inputs: 1, 2 or 4 (programmable analog/pulse)
  • Memory: Separated memory blocks for day, hour and events
    • CDL-4U: 512kB
    • CDL-2U: 256kB
    • CDL-1U: 128kB
  • LCD: 2 X 16 characters, alphanumeric
  • Output: v.24/RS-232 data compatible interface to connect to PC

For more information about this product, download the data sheet.

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