The Mipeg X – Computer Cabinet



Product Features

Power Supply:

  • Nominal 24 Vdc power (18-36 Vdc), 2.1 A or
  • Solar Panel/Battery operation, 12 Vdc or
  • 110-230 Vac, 50-60 Hz available

The Mipeg X is a modular computer-based system. The main logic controller is the so-called Master 3 card (M3C) containing the microprocessor which executes the on-board software.

The computer cabinet will vary in size depending on the system requirement. The standard size is a 380x380x150mm (15x15x6") epoxy coated sheet metal cabinet (optional Stainless Steel 316/316L).

All electronics, modules and terminals are easily accessible through the big hinged cabinet door.

There is a comprehensive data logger onboard, storing Crane Usage Data for analyzing maintenance requirement.

Up-loading new project software is done simply by transferring the tested software from a USB memory stick to the M3C. Updating project information such as Operation and Maintenance Manuals and wiring diagrams are done the same way, uploading from the memory stick.

Retrieving the recorded data in the Crane Operation Recorder (COR) is done by downloading the logged data to the USB memory stick.